Whatever the Weather: Learn abot Sun, Wind and Rain

Steve Parker,Jen Metcalf

Whatever the Weather: Learn abot Sun, Wind and Rain
Die Gestalten Verlag
30 September 2021

Whatever the Weather: Learn abot Sun, Wind and Rain

Steve Parker,Jen Metcalf

Weather (working title) explains how weather works. Why is it raining? Where does the fog come from? What happens in a thunderstorm? How does geography affect the weather? The book features fun facts, trivia, and anecdotes, e.g. where did El Nino get its name from or how you can tell the temperature by a cricket’s chirp. It covers questions like how does forecasting work or what instruments scientists use. It shows a weather station and discovers wind from sand storms, hurricanes to thunderstorms to explaining clouds and cloud formations, to the ice sheets at the ends of the world

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