Geological and Geostatistical Aquifer Characterization of Wajid Sandstone, Saudi Arabia

Osman Abdullatif,Mohammad Makkawi,Mohamed Yassin

Springer International Publishing AG
19 November 2022

Geological and Geostatistical Aquifer Characterization of Wajid Sandstone, Saudi Arabia

Osman Abdullatif,Mohammad Makkawi,Mohamed Yassin

The book summarizes research work on the Wajid Sandstone, which provides integrated field and laboratory data to enable a detailed description of this unit including a facies analysis, porosity data, as well as permeability data to establish aquifer models. Detailed facies analysis at outcrop scale are supported by vertical and lateral sedimentological sections, facies and environmental analysis and supplemented by detailed laboratory petrographical and petrophysical data. The analysis and interpretation of the outcrop analog models include the reconstruction of the stratigraphic architecture at outcrop scale. Moreover, the results were described statistically, analyzed and eventually establish an outcrop-based aquifer model analogue. The book benefits undergraduate, graduate and researchers working on applied sedimentological studies, hydrogeology, statistical and geostatistical analysis and modeling.

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