Urban Resilience: Methodologies, Tools and Evaluation: Theory and Practice (Volume I)

Springer International Publishing AG
29 October 2022

Urban Resilience: Methodologies, Tools and Evaluation: Theory and Practice (Volume I)

This book presents a select set of papers from an international and multidisciplinary approach, outlining the vanguard in the field of methodology, tools, and evaluation of the movement towards urban resilience.

Reflecting on and redesigning the guidelines that orient the planning and management of urban development has become, today, an issue of global scope and priority that demands the committed and determined participation of society. Faced with the formidable challenge of guiding our cities towards sustainability, it is necessary to develop new approaches, paradigms, models, methodologies, and tools that make it possible to assess and raise the resilience profile of urban socio-ecosystems. The experiences that are developed in this book offer a wide and diverse set of concepts, theories, methodologies, instruments, and casuistry, impregnated by resilience notion, to inspire, influence, and guide thinking and practice for architects, urban planners, government officials, businessmen, civil and research organizations.

In this book, the reader will be able to review either theoretical-methodology to organize notions on urban resilience, or application cases in a variety of areas and subsystems of a city but, being all of them inevitably and intricately linked through a complex matrix of structures and interactions that determine future, well-being, and resilience of urban socio-ecosystems in the global anthropo-environment.

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