The Case of the Disgraced Duke: A Wise Enquiries Agency cozy Welsh murder mystery

Cathy Ace

The Case of the Disgraced Duke: A Wise Enquiries Agency cozy Welsh murder mystery
Four Tails Publishing Ltd.
26 July 2022

The Case of the Disgraced Duke: A Wise Enquiries Agency cozy Welsh murder mystery

Cathy Ace

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THE DUKE’S REPUTATION IS IN PERIL - CAN THE WOMEN OF THE WISE ENQUIRIES AGENCY SAVE THE DAY? Henry Devereaux Twyst, eighteenth Duke of Chellingworth, is desperate to disprove murderous rumors about his ancestor before his first child is born, so he enlists the help of the women of the WISE Enquiries Agency. However, Annie is working undercover - on a case that turns out to be more deadly than anyone had imagined, and Carol is finding it difficult to juggle her responsibilities - especially when faced with a puzzling theft in the village. Meanwhile, Christine is consumed with fears about Alexander’s shady colleagues, and Mavis is trying to manage the dowager’s dispute with the local vicar. In the fifth WISE Enquiries Agency Mystery, stately Chellingworth Hall and the charming Welsh village of Anwen-by-Wye, both of which have more than their fair share of quirky inhabitants, are once again subjected to a host of problems that need to be solved…and the WISE women are ready to use their considerable skills to do so. Meet the women of the WISE Enquiries Agency Carol’s a Welsh mum with a background in computing, Christine is the daughter of an Irish viscount, Mavis is a Scot, and a retired army matron, while Annie is a true Cockney who’s pulled herself up by the bootstraps. Brought together by fate (and a dead body or two) the women have set themselves up as a private investigators, and now operate their (sometimes struggling) business out of a converted barn on the estate of Chellingworth Hall, a stately home in the beautiful Welsh countryside. Aided and abetted in their various enquiries by dowager duchess Althea, they tackle cases that are puzzling, and deadly. Their aim? Pay the bills, help others…and survive!

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