When You Try a Food That's Icky

Matt Deutschman

Matthew Deutschman
24 June 2022

When You Try a Food That’s Icky

Matt Deutschman

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Trying new (and healthy) foods can be a challenge for all kids to overcome, but as you’ll find out in this raucous, rhyming tale, your imagination is a valuable tool alongside your fork and spoon to turn any meal into a party!

Whether it’s imagining a medieval battle scene playing out with your vegetables, a seafaring expedition with your fruit, or a meatball car racing along the spaghetti speedway, this book is packed with ways to recreate what’s on your plate (it’s packed with nutrients, too!).

Complete with an accompanying song and some yummy and creative recipes, this book will delight all five senses.

This is author Matt Deutschman’s and illustrator Katie Williams’ third collaboration, all part of a series of books intended to help kids through common difficulties. Check out the first two, When You Hear The Thunder Rumble, and When You Think A Monster’s Lurking, as well as other fun activities and literary resources, at www.mattdeutschman.com.


Name: Matt Deutschman

Hometown: Originally from Rockland County, New York, USA, but now live in Evanston, Illinois, USA

Family: Happily married to my number one critic, Deanna, and dad to two amazing kids who are my co-number one inspirations and focus group for my books!

Favorite Vegetable: Cucumber

Favorite Fruit: Banana

Favorite Meal to Cook: Cheeseburgers, sweet potato wedges and vegetables all on the grill, with an extra treat of grilled pineapple (it’s delicious if you haven’t tried it!)

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a bus driver or news reporter when I grew up.

Hey there! Thank you so much for reading When You Try a Food That’s Icky. I hope you enjoyed all the wacky ways you can use

your imagination to try new foods, as much as I did coming up with them and seeing Katie illustrate them into life!

Reading and Imagination are two of the most important life skills. Learn to read well and you can learn anything else you ever want.

Imagination is already inside you - let your mind wander and you can come up with creative solutions to any challenges you face.


Name: Katie Williams

Hometown: Huntley, Illinois, USA

Family: Married to my number one fan, John, and mother to aspiring creatives, James and Molly.

Favorite Vegetable: Carrots and Broccoli

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries

Favorite Meal to Cook: Tacos!

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a policewoman when I grew up. (Ha!)

The policewoman thing didn’t stick for very long, though, as I became more into writing my own stories and drawing pictures for them. Although it

can take a lot of time and practiced skill to follow any creative instinct, I love what I do and the impact it has on children and adults of all ages.

I hope the illustrations I create inspire children and their families to value each other’s strengths and ease the fear of any and all challenges they may face.

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