The Reluctant Queen

Melissa a Craven

The Reluctant Queen
Midnight Hour Studio
25 July 2022

The Reluctant Queen

Melissa a Craven

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Heir to the Valkyrie throne, Alithea belives she is better suited to the battlefield than the throne room.

On the eve of her betrothal ceremony where she will finally meet the young man the queen’s council has chosen for her–the man raised to serve her every need–Alithea makes a desperate decision that will change her life forever. Rejecting her birthright, she flees across the broken bridge to the human realm where she must hide her true Valkyrie nature.

When the queen’s Berserker bounty hunter finally catches up with her, Druan gives her no choice but to return to a war-torn world where her mother and all those she loves are trapped, powerless to resist the vicious usurper queen. To save her people, Alithea will have to do the one thing she swore she would never do. Ascend to the Valkyrie throne and take her seat as the High Queen of the Nine Realms, all while keeping a dangerous secret that could destroy everything.

The Reluctant Queen is the first book in a brand new series by award winning author, Melissa A. Craven. Fans of her Queens of the Fae series will fall in love with this new world deeply rooted in Norse Mythology as you’ve never seen before! Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into this reimagining of Asgard in a post-Ragnarok world where the gods are all gone and the Valkyries rule in their place.

Publisher’s Weekly BookLife review quote:

Craven’s concept and narrative are well-served by an energetic pacing, which will keep readers turning the pages. The author’s prose establishes character and motive with an almost irresistible fluidity and is sure to bring readers into the world of The Reluctant Queen with ease. Her characters are infused with a sense of life and a magnetism that is immediate, and difficult to shake. Fantasy fans will find plenty to love in this eccentric, spirited cast.

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