Melissa a Craven

Midnight Hour Studio
10 July 2022


Melissa a Craven

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They claim her mother died a hero.They say her grief will ease with time.But they don’t understand the fear she lives with.That’s why Chloe had to run away.

It’s been two years since the unnatural death of her Immortal mother, but Chloe Long still hasn’t dealt with her loss. The only solace she’s found is in a group of orphans and runaways just like her, including the enigmatic Justice, a talented artist, she worries will never truly see her.

But can Chloe see herself? Caught somewhere between her warrior roots and her Scholar talents, she doesn’t fit in anywhere-except maybe with Justice.

When she sees something within his art that calls to her Scholar gifts, Chloe knows it’s time to seek guidance. But after years of running, is there anyone she can still turn to for help?

Mere miles away, Graham Loukas misses his family. For so long he’s looked forward to college, but life at MIT just hasn’t measured up to his dreams, and training with his childless aunt and uncle in their deserted mansion just gives him the creeps.

Now in his sophomore year, Graham is ready to give up.

There is nothing for him here.

When a mysterious pin shows up on his nightstand, Graham thinks it’s just another trinket his aunt has gifted him, but when a group of unknown Immortals whisk him away in the dead of night, could it be the key to his future?

With the last Queen of Indriell about to name her heir, old prophecies are now in play-but the ancients aren’t prepared for a new generation of Prophets, Techs and Scholars who are learning to see what lies beyond the coming darkness.

Prepare yourself for another rollercoaster ride of twists and turns in Runaway, a dark and gritty tale of Immortality, prophecy and fated romance that will lead readers into the explosive series conclusion in Proving, book seven.

Runaway is the sixth novel in the Immortals of Indriell Series, featuring Chloe and Graham’s points of view. (Allie and Aidan are also featured in the later chapters with several chapters from Allie’s point of view.)

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