Seeking Personal Validation

Anece F McCloud

Seeking Personal Validation
25 July 2022

Seeking Personal Validation

Anece F McCloud

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This book is a memoir written by an African American woman who grew up in the rural south during the late 1930s and 1940s. Being poor and having to confront three types of prejudices-racial, colorism, which is light versus dark complexions within the Negro race, and poverty-affected her self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. She was of a darker color than most of her relatives and had nappy hair whereas theirs was straight or loose curls. She dreamed of being a different person and in at least one instance, she tried to change her personal appearance in a non-sensible manner that could have been dangerous. Were also family problems while she was growing up that added to her misery. She felt that she did not belong and was not comfortable in any group in society; that there was nothing of value in her to contribute to her life or to anyone else’s. However, she worked hard in school hoping to make her family proud. Consequently, she was elected editor of the high school weekly newspaper and editor of the senior class yearbook. She finished high school and college with good grades and married a U.S. Air Force Officer on the evening of their commencement day. In her early twenties, just as her self esteem was improving, an uncontrollable illness made her feel that she was living between heaven and hell. This sometimes puts a strain on her marriage. However, she and her husband loved each other dearly and were blessed with two lovely daughters. She never lost her interest in writing. In the mid-sixties, she took the Famous Writers’ Course and received good critiques. Although she selected Sociology for her Master’s Degree, she continued to enhance her writing skills by trying to write impressively when doing business letters, grant applications, reports, and other documents. Several professional, academic positions gave her many opportunities to write and helped her reach goals that, as a child, she never dreamed she would be selected for or could accomplish. And in these new positions, helping others gave her fulfillment and insights into what really matters in life…. rough her writings, the reader becomes more knowledgeable about life as a black person and can learn unknown facts about race relations, working in positions that are not well- known by the general public; experiences with sexism, and combating everyday problems.

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