God's Ownership Meets Money Management: How to Be a Good and Faithful Steward

Johnny McWilliams

God's Ownership Meets Money Management: How to Be a Good and Faithful Steward
Zero in Financial Press
20 September 2022

God’s Ownership Meets Money Management: How to Be a Good and Faithful Steward

Johnny McWilliams

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God has given you the perfect portion, the perfect purpose, and the perfect prescription.

God owns everything and knows everything. You can be certain that you have what you need, to do what he wills for you to do, and how he wants it done.

As a good manager of God’s Wealth, you need God’s Wisdom, and that is more than good enough.

He has given you your portion, the exact amount of talent, money, and time you need at this moment. He had given you a purpose in life. You are to use your portion for this purpose. God gives you the prescription. His plan is perfect for you and never fails.

The scriptures teach us to be in a relationship with God. Your Heavenly Father wants you to live a prosperous life, and the Bible teaches you the proper way to handle that wealth. This book will explore the creation, the law, and the redemption. If you’ve ever wondered what the tithe is all about, this is the book for you. Also, you will see how to manage money by the Ten Commandments.

These are not only Christian financial concepts and principles; these are financial truths. It’s time for you to RECOVER, GROW, and ZERO IN on the INTERSECTION, Where God’s Wealth Meets God’s Wisdom.

The INTERSECTION series includes the titles below:

Biblical Faith Meets Financial Strategy, 2nd ed. - How to Lay a Solid Foundation for Prosperity God’s Ownership Meets Money Management - How to Be a Good and Faithful Steward Divine Provision Meets Generosity Planning - How to Live Life to the Fullest While Richly Giving

…and the following companion for a deeper study:

Setting Your Sights on the Intersection - 90-Day Devotional & Journal

About the book series: INTERSECTION - Where God’s Wealth Meets God’s Wisdom

Imagine yourself at the shooting range aiming at a target. To ensure your aim is accurate, you look for a calibrated point of reference. There are two engraved lines to give you a single place to focus on when aiming at a target. The two lines cross at this spot and create what is known as crosshairs.

Crosshairs are composed of two wires or lines, one parallel and the other perpendicular to the horizon. The area that you are focused on is where the two lines intersect. The objective is to align the crosshairs with the bullseye. Aiming to hit the bullseye requires precision, and using the simple principle of intersecting lines, you can easily pinpoint that target.

When peering through the scope of your financial future, the strategy is the same. The two dimensions are God’s Wealth (vertical) and God’s Wisdom (horizontal). Once you have these two crosshairs in focus and zeroed-in, you can aim right at the center of your target and hit it consistently.

If you want to pinpoint your financial destiny, you need to zero-in on your target, not someone else’s mark. The simple tool needed for pinpoint accuracy is the crosshairs, and one of the most critical steps is knowing where you are aiming. The blessings come where the two lines meet. Get ready to manage money according to the Word of God and live a prosperous life!

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