In Between Spaces: An anthology of disabled writers

In Between Spaces: An anthology of disabled writers
Stillhouse Press
1 November 2022

In Between Spaces: An anthology of disabled writers

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In Between Spaces, Stillhouse Press’s first ever anthology, centers the experiences of thirty-three disabled poets, short-story writers, and essayists

as they navigate the physical and emotional complexities of disability, chronic illness, neurodivergence, and mental illness. Compiled by an editorial team of disabled writers, this timely collection of often-overlooked voices celebrates joy, freedom, and the power of agency, while at the same time confronting and challenging the stigmas and barriers, visible and invisible, that too often come to define life with a disability.

Stories of disability are too few and too often told by non-disabled writers, but this collection’s value goes far beyond representation. The wise, funny, heartbreaking, and joyful work in these pages can show any reader, disabled or not, how to navigate an unpredictable world.

-James Tate Hill, author of Blind Man’s Bluff

Nobody is ever out of the woods. Life is all about the woods, Teresa Milbrodt explains in Cyclops Notes, her nonfiction selection in this remarkable anthology of poetry and prose by thirty-three disabled writers. Each author guides the reader through the woods, along widely divergent paths of hope, fear, anger, humor, wisdom, patience, resignation. What they all have in common is the clarity and beauty of their writing. In pain(t)-by-number, Lili Sarayrah tells us, … when you see more than one side, speak more than one language, and know more than one kind of pain, you have trouble filling out forms. This book won’t help you fill out forms, but it will help you to confront and appreciate the complexities of life.

-Joanne Durham, poet and author of To Drink from a Wider Bowl

In Between Spaces is filled with unbridled vulnerability, searing empathy, and a sense of far-reaching hope. But more than anything, this is an anthology pierced through with beauty. I was left in tears of sadness and hope.

-Tod Goldberg, New York Times bestselling author of Gangsterland, Gangster Nation, and The Low Desert: Gangster Stories

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