Listing Life

Amy Doak

Fiosracht Press
15 February 2021

Listing Life

Amy Doak

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Most people will reach a stage in their life when they start asking questions.

What am I doing?

What do I really want to do?

What am I good at?

How can I feel happier, or more content with the way my life feels?

How do I do the things that I really want to do?

Big questions, to be sure.

The truth is, the answers are all there inside you, you just need a little help uncovering that information.

This book of lists lets you discover, in a simple, easy and fun way, how to find out who you are; what you enjoy; and to work out the best way to live a life that is perfect for you.

Part journal and part instruction manual, this book is dedicated to helping you find your You-ness!

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