Katerina Cruickshanks

Daniel Gray-Barnett

Katerina Cruickshanks
Scribe Publications
3 May 2022

Katerina Cruickshanks

Daniel Gray-Barnett

A joy-filled cheer of appreciation for loud, trouble-making, outrageous kids.   

Katerina Cruickshanks is a wild child, a trickster, and a ringleader. But when they wreak some serious chaos, their friends decide their shenanigans have gone too far and say, ‘No more!’   

Brimming with humour and warmth, Katerina shows us that there’s no such thing as being too much; it’s just a matter of finding the friends who will love you as you are.


Author and illustrator Daniel Gray-Barnett’s debut picture book followed the marvellously eccentric eponymous Grandma Z, and his latest book, Katerina Cruickshanks, is similarly unconventional and delightful.

Katerina, a character who uses they/them pronouns, is full of high jinks, likes to cartwheel down hills, wear elaborate hats and howl at the runcible moon. But sometimes their antics can get out of hand and people get upset. Katerina’s friends vote to call it quits on the friendship, but it’s not long before they all realise life is simply not as exciting without Katerina around. They ask Katerina to join them again, but Katerina has an invitation to tour their one-person show on the Osternovian coast. Will they come back and play instead?

This book is as colourful and vibrant as its central character, with beautiful ink-and-crayon illustrations that practically burst off the page. Using charming rhyming text, it is an entertaining read-aloud that will be enjoyed by children ages 3 and up.

Angela Crocombe is a senior buyer at Readings.

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