Yong: The Journey of an Unworthy Son

Janeen Brian (Author)

Yong: The Journey of an Unworthy Son
Walker Books Australia
1 August 2016

Yong: The Journey of an Unworthy Son

Janeen Brian (Author)

Yong doesn’t want to leave Guangdong to travel to the goldfields of Ballarat. But as the firstborn son, he has no choice.

On the long and treacherous journey, Yong strives to be an honourable son, while he and his father face many hardships and dangers. But in his heart he knows the shameful truth - that his honour is a lie.

Can a journey change lives? Has Yong the courage to face what lies ahead?


Award-winning author Janeen Brian has based 13-year-old Yong’s incredible journey on real incidents of the 1850s; famine forced many Chinese to seek their fortune in the goldfields of Ballarat. Yong’s reluctant expedition to the goldfields is a long and harrowing ordeal of bigotry, corruption, exploitation and death. He’s also trapped in an unenviable dilemma of having to guard his family’s honour and also an important secret; ultimately it’s a life or death decision. But Yong’s courage and adaptability in the face of such adversity is inspiring.

The story explores many challenging themes: families torn apart by the forces of history, the clash of cultures, and the challenges of ancient people in an alien land. Recommended for dedicated readers of historical fiction – boys and girls ages 9 years and up.

Athina Clarke

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