Pantheon of Life

Jade Andrews

Pantheon of Life
Shawline Publishing Group
27 March 2024

Pantheon of Life

Jade Andrews

CAST DOWN FROM OLYMPUS FOR A CRIME SHE DID NOT COMMIT, GODDESS AZRAELLE FINDS HERSELF POWERLESS AMONGST THE MORTAL KINGDOM OF THESADEL. Once Death's dealing hand, now with no powers to her name, Azraelle is faced for the first time with uncertain fate. With Olympus in pursuit and no way of returning home, Azraelle seeks help within the mortal realm for her protection and those whose deaths she foresees.

The mortal prince, Xadrion, has spent his life unfulfilled but honour bound. When a wounded Azraelle falls in his path he is not prepared for how his fate will forever be altered.

She was raised for war; he for peace. Will her darkness take him to a point of no return or will his desire for peace shatter her millennium long preparation for war?

Destiny will call for Azraelle and Xadrion, and when it does, they must give everything to meet its demand or witness the reign of fire and terror...

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