Temporal Boom

J.M. Voss

Temporal Boom
Shawline Publishing Group
29 February 2024

Temporal Boom

J.M. Voss

THIRTY YEARS AGO, THE WORLD ENDED. NOT EVERYONE, HOWEVER, GOT THE MEMO... The nation formerly known as Australia struggles on, its barren red lands stalked by eleven beings of strange and anomalous power, known as the Portents.

Their very existence defies all science. A trail of brutal and inexplicable deaths follows those who encounter them.

Quinn Kelly got too close to a Portent once and survived, although the run-in has left her permanently altered.

When Quinn begins to display an affinity for time, there are many who would stop at nothing to use her for their own ends.

Quinn, however, would much rather use her preternatural powers to start a punk band - and there is no man, woman, nor overzealous cyborg detective on Earth who can stop her!

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