Dancers on the Sea

Gabrielle Samson

Dancers on the Sea
Shawline Publishing Group
25 October 2023

Dancers on the Sea

Gabrielle Samson

THIS STORY TELLS OF A WOMAN'S LIFE AND WORK ON ATAURO ISLAND, LEARNING THE ISLAND'S HISTORY AND CULTURE, AND SHARES STORIES OF OTHERS WITH WHOM SHE LIVED IN A TIME OF GREAT CHANGE... During a period when East Timor was occupied by a harsh Indonesian military regime and a fierce resistance movement challenged it, Gabrielle - an Australian woman working at an Indonesian university - was asked by a Timorese village leader to help establish a kindergarten for the community.

Supported by the university, Gabrielle agreed to spend six months on the remote and poor island, to live amongst them as the only Westerner in its harsh and often cruel conditions.

It doesn't take long for Gabrielle to fall in love with the island, its people and an Indonesian co-worker, resulting in the following twelve years of her life being spent living on the island amongst an amazing community of people.

Dancers on the Sea is Gabrielle's experience through six of those years as the little country struggled for, and achieved, its independence.

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