The Hidden Heirs

Simone Kamfonas

The Hidden Heirs
Shawline Publishing Group
25 October 2023

The Hidden Heirs

Simone Kamfonas

FAITH HAS NEVER BEEN ABLE TO REMEMBER HER PAST, NOT SINCE BEING DUMPED AT AN ORPHANAGE AS A YOUNG GIRL... When a girl's weekend trip turns to become a freak accident, Faith finds herself waking in a world different from her own alongside her two best friends.

The three girls are forced to adapt to a world dominated by men, where women by design serve only as dutiful wives to tyrant rulers. They quickly learn that navigating these changes in societal norms is the only way to stay alive.

When faced with a forced marriage to Prince Sebastian, Faith's wild spirit must be tamed so she can play the perfect queen, but when an unexpected ally appears, questions of Faith's identity haunt her at every turn.

Does this unknown world hold the answers to her missing memories?

In a land less at peace than first glance shows, the past seems bound to find some way to the surface...

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