Cloaked in Bravery

Tony Matthews

Cloaked in Bravery
Big Sky Publishing
18 October 2023

Cloaked in Bravery

Tony Matthews

Experience the extraordinary journey of a woman who risked everything to follow her man into battle in a desperate attempt to rescue him from the death that inevitably beckoned. Christian, driven by an unwavering devotion to her missing husband, cast aside her comfortable life, family, and even her children to venture into the heart of battle. Disguised as a man, a common foot-soldier, Christian embraced the chaos and carnage of European history's bloodiest conflicts. With a fiery spirit and indomitable courage, she fought alongside men, facing musket-fire, swords, and cannonballs, all in a quest to ensure her husband's survival. Her rollicking good humour, captivating charm, and steely-eyed determination endeared her to comrades and enemies alike. Christian's selflessness knew no bounds. Despite enduring grave wounds, she refused to be deterred, persevering through unimaginable pain. She embodied the strength of a man and the passion of a woman, fearlessly aiding wounded comrades on the battlefield, regardless of the peril she faced. Unveiling a hidden gem of military history, Cloaked in Bravery reveals the compelling tale of a remarkable woman whose devotion and valour transcended the confines of gender. Prepare to be captivated by Christian Davies, as her story unveils a love so powerful it defied all odds.

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