A Nearly Murder

Timo Savimaki

A Nearly Murder
Shawline Publishing Group
25 July 2023

A Nearly Murder

Timo Savimaki

In 1960, at the town of Jindabyne, a man is wrongfully convicted for horse theft, his death shortly follows...

Shortly after his release from jail, he is found deceased from a slow, painful poisoning. The murder is clear in its intent and the man’s missing wife is the most obvious suspect for the crime. The search commences to locate her and bring an answer to the glaring question – Why?

Sydney detectives quickly realise that they’re not dealing with just any ordinary female fugitive.

In fact, this lady fugitive and her two female companions are a highly intelligent, witty and intuitive gang of women who keep themselves one step ahead of the law at all times.

This story may be set in the 1960s but these three women have twenty-first century liberties and articulate feminine skills which ultimately leaves the men who hunt them hilariously humbled in their wake…

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