Secrets & Lies

Angela Dwyer

Secrets & Lies
Shawline Publishing Group
25 July 2023

Secrets & Lies

Angela Dwyer

DO YOU REMEMBER THE FIRST LIE YOU EVER TOLD? OR THE FIRST SECRET YOU EVER KEPT? At just twelve years old, lying became a habit for Lexie Fox... and so did the keeping of secrets. But what could cause such a habit at such a young age? What would cause Lexie to flee from her father and the small town of Berxley Falls? Now, six years later, Lexie has returned to the small town where her lying began. But bearing the weight of her secrets is beginning to take a toll. Lexie's secrets and lies begin to unravel and she finds herself caught between covering everything up or revealing all the shocking truths held within. Secrets and lies can either tear people apart or bring them closer together...but for Lexie, there is no way to know which outcome will be worse.

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