The Last Virus

Peter Lucas

The Last Virus
Shawline Publishing Group
25 May 2023

The Last Virus

Peter Lucas

NOW, A SMALL GROUP OF SURVIVORS OF THE LAST VIRUS WANT THEIR LIVES BACK... With memories of masks, lockdowns, empty supermarket shelves, a crumbled tourism industry and a depleted workforce left in its wake, the virus eventually comes to an end.

But then it wasn't the end...

A last virus has resurfaced without warning, or remorse, and in its wake creates riots over food, erratic public violence and a uniformed militia that takes the law into its own hands while the global panic ripples through an unstable society.

The last virus created the world's desperate cry of humanity...

With nothing but destruction remaining, a small band of survivors wish for peace to build something to live for and try to put the terrible past behind them.

A life of suffering was no longer acceptable. They want something more than only surviving...yet the world has changed and their fear it will not change back grows within all who can remember what it was before the last virus appeared...

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