A Dream For Every Night

Angela Casabene, Camille Manley (illus.)

A Dream For Every Night
Affirm Press
26 March 2024

A Dream For Every Night

Angela Casabene, Camille Manley (illus.)

Tonight, I ask you, my darling one, what do YOU want to dream about?
Take a deep breath in ... and out ... and make your choice.
You could dream of ...
flying through the sky at night,
running with a paper kite,
finding friends and secret doors,
picking shells along the shore,
reading books and wearing jewels,
splashing in a swimming pool ...
and so much more!

Open this treasure trove of stories and find a dream for bedtime tonight.

Featuring more than 160 short stories and a dream glossary, this unique bedtime treasury gently takes readers by the hand and begins their journey into dreamland.

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