A Good Girl?

C. Pearce

A Good Girl?
Shawline Publishing Group
25 November 2022

A Good Girl?

C. Pearce

"HE MADE YOU FEEL COMPLICIT... ASHAMED AND GUILTY, SO THAT YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO TELL ANYONE..." Joey, the child, in desperation, had to eventually tell one person.

Joanna, the woman, tells no one until she reaches a turning point in her life.

After many years of recurring nightmares, flashbacks and futile self-medication with risk-taking and alcohol, she knows she must seek help.

A GP whom she has come to trust will offer her the safety and courage to speak the unspeakable: the narrative of deeply traumatising sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

Writing a journal enables her to explore present experiences and reflect on memories of her childhood - narrated in Joey's voice.

Joanna will finally break the 54 years of silence that has held her captive to the traumatic abuse of her childhood.

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