Neil, The Amazing Sea Cucumber

Amelia McInerney, Lucinda Gifford (illus.)

Neil, The Amazing Sea Cucumber
Affirm Press
26 April 2023

Neil, The Amazing Sea Cucumber

Amelia McInerney, Lucinda Gifford (illus.)

Hello. I'm Neil. I'm a sea cucumber. It's a bit strange that I'm the star of this book. Usually books are about the cool sea creatures.And I'm boring, even for a sea cucumber.
Nothing exciting ever happens to me.
At least, it hasn't before now ...

With deadpan text and hilarious illustrations, this is a fabulous story about a very unlikely hero and one epic adventure.


Have you ever thought to yourself, there are too many books about sharks? Why aren’t there more books about sea cucumbers? If you have, then this is the book for you (and any children you know aged 0+!).

Neil is a sea cucumber. He lives on the ocean floor. Most days (and nights, sea cucumbers are nocturnal) are all the same for Neil. He misses his friend Sandra; she floated away recently. Today he has spotted something that looks like Sandra. Could it be? Or perhaps it is a pickle someone threw off a boat? Or – maybe it is Sandra!

The excitement, the cucumber jokes, the fun illustrations by Lucinda Gifford, all make this picture book worth reading again and again. You can also follow up each read with a sea cucumber fact. They don’t have brains. The Giant Red Sea Cucumber can grow as long as 60 centimetres, much longer than an actual cucumber. They can live for over a decade. The list goes on. They really are amazing sea creatures.

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