Torpenhow Dreams, Level 2: Is humanity but a skin that is shed like a snake's?

Luke Parry

Moshpit Publishing
2 August 2022

Torpenhow Dreams, Level 2: Is humanity but a skin that is shed like a snake’s?

Luke Parry

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Beware the fog.

Somehow, Will managed to survive the ‘shakedown’ mission that he was assigned by his mysterious backer. Now he actually has to begin work on the task for which he was originally summoned to the world of Torpenhow - helping to spot-weld the cracks in reality back together, thereby stopping existence from falling apart entirely.

Unfortunately, that is much easier said than done.

His first target is located deep within an abandoned town, high up on a mountain pass. Getting there is easy, thanks to his backer’s support, but surviving the ‘abandoned’ town is another matter entirely.

Permanently shrouded by an eldritch fog that is rumoured to bring violence, insanity, and death, its streets echo with bone-chilling howls, keeping most normal people far away. Only the overconfident or terminally foolish would be crazy enough to go anywhere near the place.

Luckily for Will, he has managed to assemble a party of suitably unique individuals who just might be up to the task - provided he is able to convince himself that they can do it. Of course, expecting a happy ending rather than narrowly-avoided tragedy is probably going to end up being a pipe-dream … Still, you work with what you have …

The tale of a reluctant ‘hero’ in a world literally cracking apart at the seams continues in Volume 2 of Torpenhow Dreams!

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