Koori Princess

Anita Heiss

Koori Princess
Magabala Books
1 November 2022

Koori Princess

Anita Heiss

An insightful and humorous story of a young girl’s determination to be who she wants to be.

Karan rolls her eyes. ‘What’s this year’s theme? Oh no, let me guess,’ she looks into the distance, pretending to ponder the possibilities. Sarcastically she asks, ‘Is it … could it possibly be … a princess party?’

Teish is a sassy, soon-to-be 7-year-old and the apple of her dad’s eye. She believes more than anything, that she is a Disney princess. Her older siblings, Karan and Kim, like to remind her that she isn’t. Teish is determined to believe that she can be whoever she wants to be. With the help of boisterous, irreverent cousins and friends, a princesses-of-colour party with all the trimmings and an adventure to the beach, Teish teaches her family that she can be a princess and remain true to herself. But will her siblings accept her being a feisty Koori Princess?

Age range 7 to 12


Teish loves anything pink and princess-y with a passion. But Koori Princess isn’t really about Teish and her love of princesses – she never really wavers much from her enthusiasm and remains firm in her belief that she is a princess all throughout the book. Koori Princess is more about Teish’s family, especially her teenage siblings and cousins, who learn to accept Teish’s love of princesses. Her parents never make her feel bad about her passion. In fact, they joyfully support it. However, they do gently point out princesses represent colonialism, and that Teish shouldn’t rely on a Prince Charming to come to her rescue. Not that Teish is the kind of character who would wait for anyone!

Anita Heiss packs a lot into this little book. Alongside some great conversations about colonialism, there are also mentions of the Holocaust, Trump, fat shaming, fl irting and gaslighting. Koori Princess is a great starting point for a lot of necessary and important discussions for kids aged 8 and up.

Dani Solomon is the manager of Readings Kids

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