The Endfixer

Noemi Vola, Rosa Churcher Clarke (trans.)

The Endfixer
Berbay Publishing
1 May 2024

The Endfixer

Noemi Vola, Rosa Churcher Clarke (trans.)

Sometimes, when a story is reaching what should be the absolute best part, the whole thing just falls apart. The ending can be too complicated, too sad, or too catastrophic. That’s why our narrator has a plan to change the way things end. And make sure they finish at just the right time, in just the right way. But even the best plans can go awry.


‘When I was little, I wanted to be an endfixer, which is someone who fixes the ends of stories … Because, if you think about it, stories often end right at the very best part … in the very worst way.’

First published in Portuguese, this is a stylish and entertaining picture book all about endings. It lists the different ways that endings can be disappointing, and all the different ways that stories are the most fantastic and greatest thing ever. There’s lots of humour in the colourful, chaotic illustrations, and the structure and matter-of-fact tone of The Endfixer reminded me a lot of Shinsuke Yoshitake’s books. Kids of all ages will enjoy the funny, outlandish detail in this book. It’s an excellent conversation starter to read together and may even inspire some creative story writing and top tier endings from readers.

Lots of fun for very discerning picture book fans aged 3+.

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