Misconceptions of Forgiveness

Celice Maree

Misconceptions of Forgiveness
Shawline Publishing Group
1 December 2021

Misconceptions of Forgiveness

Celice Maree

THIS BOOK IS AN EIGHT-YEAR DECENT INTO HELL AND BACK. I screamed then fell to the floor… The deafening cries in my head as vibrant as screams projecting from my very mouth. I was inconsolable, in total shock. I didn’t feel anger, I didn’t feel rage. What I did feel was utter stupidity and humiliation. How had my heart been deceived yet again and for so long?

What kind of compulsive and narcissistic man had I loved?

Being involved in two relationships, one after another had affected me deeply by varying levels of subjective emotional and physical abuse. In the first passionate affair, I was beaten and disregarded beyond my own knowing as little by little, a man I loved ate my very soul…

Then, a second man held my trusting heart, but was nothing more than a narcissistic chameleon who played me so well, that I honestly figured it was all my fault…

It took a long time to know any different amongst the legacy of the pain I carried, and it was often crippling, always terrifying, as I learnt to become a woman of real worth in myself once again.

Throughout this terrible period in my life, I was robbed of my belief in myself and although I always tried to give these men the best of who I was, in the end, they just left me lost, broken and undervalued. Yet this is a book of my rising, of my greater forgiveness and the sharing of what we are all worth and be it ever so fragile, it must never be anything less than our core truth.

To not forgive is as much a choice as to forgive.

This is the misconception of forgiveness we are often faced with.

Well, no longer.

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