Why Does It Still Hurt?

Paul Biegler

Why Does It Still Hurt?
Scribe Publications
10 January 2023

Why Does It Still Hurt?

Paul Biegler

Research over the last few decades shows that many of us – sufferers of chronic pain and health practitioners alike – are victims of a devilish trick of the nervous system. Where we believe that pain has its root in a damaged body, it is the brain that prolongs the hurting long after the body has healed. This leads to hundreds of billions of dollars being spent each year on treatments that sometimes do nothing and sometimes make matters worse.

Paul Biegler, a science journalist and former doctor who has been on his own pain journey, investigates the true source of chronic pain – our brain’s so-called neuroplasticity – and emerging therapies, including cognitive therapy and graded exercise exposure, that take advantage of that same neuroplasticity to rewire the brain and end the suffering. As he knows only too well, this doesn’t mean the pain is all in a person’s head. The pain is real, but its meaning is often misunderstood.

Through conversations with scientists, doctors, and people who have overcome chronic pain, Biegler shines a light on the rigorous new studies – and emotional personal stories – that are changing the way we understand and treat pain. Most importantly, he shows how to take control over persistent pain and truly heal.

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