Madness in the Mountains

Jarrod Jones

Madness in the Mountains
Shawline Publishing Group
15 May 2021

Madness in the Mountains

Jarrod Jones

We all have a cockatoo story…

This is our story.!

We moved from the city to the mountains, where we expected to enjoy and embrace a peaceful life with nature.

Who knew the Madness that would follow…?

We met our neighbours early in the moving process…A large flock of Cockatoos, a family of large, very noisy parrots!

Some interesting Cockatoo facts we learned:

Cockatoos are left-footed. In captivity, Cockatoos live as long as humans. The word ‘cockatoo’ has its origins in Malay and means ‘vice’ or ‘grip’ because of their incredibly strong beak. These noisy birds feed on berries, seeds, nuts and roots.
They’re equally at home in the city and in the bush. & they Poop on everything around them!

A fun crazy adventure of humour and sincere laughs…great book for parents and children… - Dave, Indiebook reviewer

Help protect Australia’s threatened species. Our planet is currently experiencing the worst wave of species die-offs since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. And here in Australia, with 86 of our native flora and fauna species now critically endangered, we run a real risk of losing some of our most iconic species forever. Habitat destruction, new introduced species and urban expansion threaten the survival of our native species. With the decline of Australia’s native wildlife, our ecosystem hangs in the balance.
Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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