A Rose in the Garden

Annie Chandler-Cummings

A Rose in the Garden
Shawline Publishing Group
16 February 2021

A Rose in the Garden

Annie Chandler-Cummings

Would Rose forfeit a new love for something
that may not even exist…Or does the future hold for her a chance at true happiness…? Just when Rose is accepting romance into her life again, someone from her past arrives to turn her world upside down.

Rose, a young widow, is given a cruise by her family for her 50th birthday and on which she is accompanied by her friend, Linda. One night, over dinner, Rose and Linda meet the cruise ship captain’s father, Leon Gardner. Linda and Rose ‘adopt’ Leon, often taking him on their excursions and dine with him each evening for enjoyable conversation and laughter.
Richard Gardner, the captain, upon being introduced to Rose becomes quite smitten. As he walks the decks one night, he saves Rose from falling into the pool…and from then on, they see each other often…
Yet, Rose also has feelings for another male passenger on the ship, Abe Shah, who she also believes holds a connection to her late husband, and he may even be her late husband… For Captain Richard Gardner, a divorcee, his feelings for Rose may become complicated as his daughter, Dayna is very protective of both her father and her autistic son, and becomes jealous of the relationship Rose has with both of them, especially as Rose is adapt at talking with special needs children from her work in schools years earlier…

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