Girl, Transcending: Becoming the Woman I Was Born to Be

AJ Clementine

Girl, Transcending: Becoming the Woman I Was Born to Be
Murdoch Books
2 November 2021

Girl, Transcending: Becoming the Woman I Was Born to Be

AJ Clementine

‘When you’re growing up and forming your sense of self, every casual comment adds up. A racist comment, a transphobic joke, a slur whispered under someone’s breath … it all piles up in the back of your brain, feeding the negative perceptions you hold about aspects of your identity. That’s why coming out to yourself is by far the hardest thing to do. At least it was for me.’ From Chapter 6

AJ Clementine always knew she was a girl. The problem was, she’d been born in a ‘magical’ shell that looked, on the outside, like a perfect little boy. In her teens, this conflict between her outer and inner selves exploded, igniting years of anxiety and panic attacks.

In Girl, Transcending, AJ shares the journey of her gender transition, what it was like to grow up Wasian in a blended family, and her transformation into a model, digital creator and transgender advocate. Her advice, reflections and snippets of inspiration offer a powerful tool to help us understand and celebrate what makes each of us unique, not only those in the LGBTQI+ community but anyone finding their way in the world. Honest, positive and empowering, AJ shines a light on her path to self-love and acceptance - the hardest bits, the parts we rarely see - in the hopes of a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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