Kip of the Mountain

Emma Gourlay

Kip of the Mountain
HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
4 October 2023

Kip of the Mountain

Emma Gourlay

Kip Boowitt is desperate for a best friend. So when she rescues a tiny creature that looks like a kitten but isn't a kitten, she names him Buffel and loves him with all her heart.

With a distracted dad and mean kids at school, all Kip wants is someone with two ears and time for her. And Buffel is the best listener. But when he's kidnapped, there is only one thing to do - go from mountain to sea to get him back.

An action-packed fantasy adventure full of heart, from debut author Emma Gourlay.


This is a terrific story set in South Africa in 1985, when apartheid was still official policy. A young girl called Kip is living a life that excludes her participating in many things. She is barred from many places we take for granted, such as buses, beaches, parks and public libraries. Because her father is Black, she is treated like an outsider in the country she was born in.

One day an albatross drops a bottle at her feet as she walks through the forest near her home. Inside, she discovers an egg which hatches into a mysterious, endearing, little creature she names Buffel. Buffel will change her life and lead her on an adventure which will see a lonely, friendless girl find a surrogate family.

Kip of the Mountain is magical and fun with memorable characters, especially the grandfather of her classmate, Troy. Hopefully, Kip will continue her adventures in future novels. For ages 9 to 12.

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