Mangia! Mangia!

Teresa Oates,Angela Villella

Mangia! Mangia!
Penguin Books Australia
28 March 2011

Mangia! Mangia!

Teresa Oates,Angela Villella

Celebrates home-style Southern Italian food, based on traditional recipes and methods.

Mangia! Mangia!, Italian for Eat! Eat!, celebrates home-style Southern Italian food, based on traditional recipes and methods passed down through the generations. Authors Teresa Oates and Angela Villella are passionate in their quest to preserve the vibrant food culture of their parents’ native Calabria, and to introduce new generations to the joys of simple, generous cooking with the freshest produce.

Join them as they record the sacred seasonal rituals of their childhood, from the production of a year’s supply of passata using summer’s tomatoes, through autumn’s ceremonial preservation of vegetables and olives, to the ‘making’ of the pig in winter, when an entire pig is converted into a pantry full of salumi. Learn how to match pasta types to sauces, how to prepare traditional Italian favourites like minestrone and lasagne, and how to create mouth-watering sweet treats for special family celebrations.

Mangia! Mangia! embraces the one constant of their migrant families’ journeys - their food - prepared with an innate wisdom and served with a generosity of spirit. As you cook and eat, you will be doing your part to save these unique traditions and recipes, born of a rich migrant food culture, from extinction.

Beautifully photographed, Mangia! Mangia! is not only a wonderful cooking reference, it is a heartwarming account of the sharing of wisdom, the creation of community and the preservation of rituals that keep us close to those we love.


On a drizzly Friday morning I made the trip out to Thornbury to bottle passata with Teresa and Angela, who established Mangia Mangia to introduce and reconnect people with traditional family methods of preparing and preserving food. The morning began with the most delectable almond biscuits (Maria’s Pasta di Mandorla) and a stove top espresso. With an enormous pot filled with dozens of bottles of passata on the boil we could relax and enjoy lunch, which included home made sun dried tomatoes, marinated olives and salami. I couldn’t possibly hope to recreate this banquet (in my shoe box kitchen) in its entirety but I will be making some chili oil to spoon over pasta. In their cookbook, Mangia Mangia, Teresa and Angela have collected their own family recipes for preparing and preserving food and have illustrated them with family photographs, which capture the warmth and generosity these women exude.

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