Demon Hunters: The Black Knight: A Tale of Sir Lancelot

Iestyn Long

Demon Hunters: The Black Knight: A Tale of Sir Lancelot
Iestyn Long
26 July 2022

Demon Hunters: The Black Knight: A Tale of Sir Lancelot

Iestyn Long

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Behold, a yarn of yore! High adventure, evil witches and gallant knights await…

The scent of death filled the Black Knight’s nostrils. Evil was afoot. He had stalked the creature’s rank-smelling subterranean orifices deeper and deeper but had yet to encounter the monstrosity lurking within. ‘Where are you, foul slug?’

Swashbuckling heroes, devilish villains, and all-out action, The Black Knight A Tale of Sir Lancelot is a homage to the ancient stories of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table and to the writers who brought the legends to life.

‘Find the brute who bears the scar. You will know him when the time comes. Pursue this knight to his master, and you shall discover your precious queen. But, be warned, Nimue’s ring is no match against Morgana le Fay. I despise her, but I would not cross her, not even with an army of undead dragons at my back.’

Disguised as the mysterious Black Knight, join Sir Lancelot self-exiled knight of the Round Table on his heroic quest to hunt and vanquish demons in the lands of Albion. Yet when King Arthur’s queen, Guinevere, goes missing, he must choose whether to return from the shadows to find her… but if he does, he risks everything.

Dark-Age evil rises. The realm is in peril. Witchcraft and sorcery plague the land. The queen is missing. The king is at war. Hope is a knight in black. Camelot’s greatest champion must return to save Arthur’s kingdom.

Demon Hunters: Heroic Fantasy through the Ages.

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