A Virtuous Killer

J H McCullough

A Virtuous Killer
i2i Publishing
United Kingdom
26 September 2022

A Virtuous Killer

J H McCullough

Jamilah remains traumatised by the terrorism and corruption that stole her adolescence and killed her parents. She's strived to become a senior nurse and relocated to the city, seeking to raise her younger siblings in a secure environment. Her brother Ahmed has started university; sister Aminah is thriving at school and wants to be a doctor. Meanwhile, Boko Haram is expanding into the lawless borderlands around Lake Chad, abducting and enslaving adolescent girls, even using them as suicide bombers. When they take Aminah and her classmates, Jamilah knows she can't rely on the government or its underfunded security forces to get them back. A South African mercenary agrees to help. Is this her knight in shining armour? Or is his master, the Governor, playing politics with the lives of the lost girls? The only person Jamilah can truly rely on is herself. The law is broken, she won't let these people break her. Yet what chance does a young woman alone have against a well-protected Governor and an elusive terrorist? And isn't a nurse supposed to save lives, not end them?

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