Poo Bum

Stephanie Blake

Poo Bum
Gecko Press
New Zealand
1 December 2011

Poo Bum

Stephanie Blake

The international bestselling picture book about a little rabbit who could only say one thing.
Now a series on Netflix.

Simon is children’s favourite cheeky rabbit! With bright and bold illustrations, the Simon picture book series is intelligent, funny and adored by toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children.

Once there was a little rabbit who could only say one thing…
In the morning his mother would say, Time to get up, my little rabbit!

He’d reply: Poo bum!

At lunchtime his father would say, Eat your spinach, my little rabbit!

He’d reply: Poo bum!

One day, he meets a hungry wolf.
Will Simon learn his lesson once and for all?

Absurdly humorous and irrepressible, Simon’s antics are guaranteed entertainment and will have children back for repeat readings – it’s too much fun to say the words Poo Bum again and again! While the surprise ending will have the whole family in hysterics, the message is clear, Simon knows perfectly well how to behave when he wants to. But it’s hard when there are so many funny words to say.

Perfect to read aloud and giggle together as a family or for beginning readers who will enjoy the bold and simple text.

Likely to stop even non-bookish kids in their tracks The Guardian, ‘The Best Picture books for Children’

Stephanie Blake is the author and illustrator of seven picturebooks in the Simon series and dozens of highly successful books in France, many of them children’s favorites.

Simon’s adventures continue in: Super Rabbit Nits I Want Spaghetti I Don’t Want To Go To School I’m the Biggest Stupid Baby

Praise for Poo Bum
I believe that entertainment is an overrated function of art and we should be challenged by what we view and read. Simon Pegg.

I found it funny. Ten-year-old found it funny. Seven-year-old considered it hilarious and 2-year-old laughed because everyone else did. What couldn’t you like about a potty-mouthed rabbit? Sunday Star Times, New Zealand

Scatological writing doesn’t usually impress me - but the plot of Poo Bum is hilarious. Stephanie Blake is a big seller in France. Find out why. The Listener, New Zealand

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