Cats: Understanding Your Whiskered Friend

Dr John Bradshaw

Cats: Understanding Your Whiskered Friend
Andersen Press Ltd
United Kingdom
1 September 2022

Cats: Understanding Your Whiskered Friend

Dr John Bradshaw

Learn about the secret life of cats from pet expert, Dr John Bradshaw.

Join Libby as she goes about her day outside on her own and at home with her family.

Discover how Libby maps out her neighbourhood - using her amazing nose and memory, Libby learns where it is safe and where to avoid. Follow Libby as she tries to make friends with other cats.
Understand what your cat means when she meows and purrs. Help your cat feel comfortable at home - teach her where’s ok to scratch, how to use her cat flap and pick up tips about how to play together.

After a day following Libby, you’ll understand all about your whiskered friend. Purr …!

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