Bored Gay Werewolf

Tony Santorella

Bored Gay Werewolf
Atlantic Books
United Kingdom
4 July 2023

Bored Gay Werewolf

Tony Santorella

Brian, an aimless slacker, works doubles at his shift job, forgets to clean his room and lays about with his friends Nik and Darby. He's been struggling to manage his transition to adulthood almost as much as his monthly transitions to a werewolf. Really, he is not great at the whole werewolf thing, and his recent murderous slip-ups have caught the attention of Tyler, a Millennial were-mentor determined to take the mythological world by storm.

Tyler has got a plan, and weirdly his self-help punditry actually encourages Brian to shape up and to stop accidently marking out guys who ghosted him on Grindr as potential monthly victims. But as Brian gets closer to Tyler's pack, and alienated from Nik and Darby, he realises that Tyler's expansion plans are much more nefarious than a little lupine enlightenment...


I had to read this book on title alone. I mean, who wouldn’t want to read a book called Bored Gay Werewolf? Seriously! I wasn’t disappointed.

Brian is a 20-something college dropout who is not living up to his potential. When he’s not waiting tables, he could be found barhopping with his work colleagues and best friends Nik and Darby. Or he could be recovering from a hangover, using the hair-of-the-dog method while watching Netflix and scrolling photos of shirtless, faceless guys on Grindr. He’s also a very messy werewolf.

When a jogger is mauled to death in an ‘animal attack’, no one is fingering Brian as the culprit, except entrepreneur bro Tyler who quietly confronts Brian at his workplace the day after the attack. But Tyler isn’t looking to report Brian to police. He wants to recruit Brian for a business venture: a lifestyle and wellness enterprise for werewolves that Tyler has dubbed The Pack TM. With nothing else going on for Brian, he accedes and is put through a regime of meditation and one-on-one workout sessions (think Fight Club). With the application of Tyler’s program, Brian finds himself able to focus and rein in his were-self during his monthly transitions. Things are going relatively well, until a third werewolf, Mark, is introduced to The PackTM and group dynamics alter.

Tony Santorella’s debut expertly describes the juxtaposition of a queer character getting caught up in a toxic masculine culture and of the sense of isolation and hopelessness one might feel while keeping those that care for them at a distance. But it’s also a celebration of friendship, loyalty and, dare I say, finding your pack (sorry).

Bored Gay Werewolf is a joyous satirical romp. It’s genuinely laugh-out-loud funny in places and I’ve not read anything this fun in quite some time.

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