The Maps Book

Lonely Planet Kids, Joanne Bourne

The Maps Book
Lonely Planet Global Limited
1 October 2023

The Maps Book

Lonely Planet Kids, Joanne Bourne

Explore the amazing world of maps from the first sketches on cave walls to real time maps on phones. Discover their incredible history and marvel at ancient maps, war maps, weather maps and even interactive maps from computer games. Packed with awesome facts, kids will soon grasp how to read maps and symbols - plus learn how to make their own!

Wow-factor maps, astounding historic photographs and lively text make this incredible map book the ultimate gift for kids - and grown ups too. Insightful case studies including Winston Churchill's Map Room and John Snow's groundbreaking 1854 cholera map will fascinate readers and aid learning; while unusual maps of the night sky, wildlife, populations, time-zones and even famous maps from literature and video games show the full breadth of the many mind-blowing maps in existence.

Inside The Maps Book:

  • An exciting journey through the history of maps including ancient maps, the first ever world map, the mapping of the world wars and beyond
  • Vibrant artwork, unusual maps, historic photos and engaging text bring the world of maps to life
  • Fascinating case studies aid learning and comprehension
  • Revolutionary modern maps explained in detail covering GPS, online maps, streetview, 3D mapping, magnetic-field maps, map apps on phones, flight radar maps and other uses of modern cartography
  • Making maps, using mapping tools and understanding more about the equipment cartographers use to create and design maps
  • How to read a map including longitude and latitude, grid lines, contour lines, symbols and keys as well as directions for using a compass - plus how to make your own map
  • Full-breadth of maps and their purposes such as political maps, infographic maps, transport maps, city maps, weather maps, topographic maps, geological maps, population maps, archaeology maps and mapping the natural world including climate change
  • Unique and quirky maps that kids and adults know and love like Middle Earth and 100 Acre Wood to board game maps and mapping in best-selling video games

The Maps Book is the latest in Lonely Planet Kids' The Fact Book series following on from The Travel Book, The Cities Book, The Big Earth Book, The Animal Book, The Flags Book, The Oceans Book, The Dinosaur Book and The Weather Book. Written by British author and archaeologist, Jo Bourne, this definitive guide to maps will keep curious minds engaged as they take a deep dive into the amazing world of cartography.

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