The Book of Stolen Dreams

David Farr

The Book of Stolen Dreams
Usborne Publishing Ltd
United Kingdom
15 March 2022

The Book of Stolen Dreams

David Farr

An exhilarating, awe-inspiring debut from a master storyteller writing for children for the first time, perfect for fans of Katherine Rundell, Eva Ibbotson and His Dark Materials.

When Rachel and Robert are passed a stolen book by their librarian father, they have to go on the run and protect it at all costs. With their father captured and everyone hunting for the Book, they must uncover its secrets and track down the final, missing page.

But the cruel and calculating Charles Malstain is on their trail. When the children discover the astonishing, magical truth about the Book, they resolve to do everything in their power to stop it falling into his hands. For if it does, he could rule forever.

Step inside the pages of an immortal adventure and discover a truly unforgettable journey of wonder, courage and magic…

‘Dazzling! An instant classic. An eye-wateringly funny and jaw-droppingly fantastical adventure, chock-a-block with rare books, airships, and penguin-shaped hats.’  Ben Miller


This is a magical adventure story about a quiet, unassuming family, the Kleins, who also happen to be very good, law-abiding citizens. The father, Felix Klein, works as a librarian and is responsible for the protection of rare books at the public library.

The family live in a society under the strict control of President Charles Malstain, a devious and cruel leader who dislikes children and passed laws to keep children hidden behind closed doors so they would not be seen roaming outside. In fact, outdoor play is strictly and completely prohibited!

When Felix learns that the President’s censorship committee plans to steal one of the library’s rare books – the Book of Stolen Dreams – he enlists the help of his children, Rachel and Robert, in a brazen midnight heist to break into the library, rescue the book and deliver it to a secret society for protection. Felix knows that disaster will follow if the book were to fall into nefarious hands.

This quest sets the children on a dangerous path, surrounded by enemies and informers who can’t be trusted, and other morally challenged adults who really should be more trustworthy and helpful. Suffice to say, the moral compass of this story is guided by its young heroes. For ages 9+.

Natalie Platten is from Readings Doncaster

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