Stones and Bones

Rob Wilshaw

Stones and Bones
Cicada Books
United Kingdom
20 January 2024

Stones and Bones

Rob Wilshaw

Excavating four billion years of history from the ground beneath our feet!

This book looks at the fossil record and all that we can learn from it. From bacteria to sponges to fish to tetrapods to reptiles to dinosaurs to mammals and finally to humans, it excavates the story of four billion years of life on this planet. The science of paleontology is clearly broken down by fossil expert, Rob Wilshaw, and easily understood by children as young as six.

Sophie Williams' warm, engaging illustrations bring the fascinating texts to life. Following on from the success of Earth-Shattering Events, this is a lively and vital book that will delight not just dinosaur enthusiasts but anyone interested in evolution and the incredible history of this very special planet that we inhabit.

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