Edibility and In Vitro Meat: Ethical Considerations

Rachel Robison-Greene

Edibility and In Vitro Meat: Ethical Considerations
Lexington Books
United States
15 November 2022

Edibility and In Vitro Meat: Ethical Considerations

Rachel Robison-Greene

Consumers and policy makers have unprecedented choices to make in the years to come about how and what we eat. If we continue down our current path of food production, we risk ever-increasing levels of animal exploitation, environmental destruction, biodiversity loss, and challenges to human health. In vitro meat production, or the process of growing meat in a lab, has the potential to reduce the severity of these problems. This proposal would change our food systems dramatically. Edibility and In Vitro Meat: Ethical Considerations explores the ethical questions that it’s important to ask every stage of this process. Rachel Robison-Greene considers arguments for and against the production of in vitro meat, as well as challenges for implementation. She argues that in vitro meat should be implemented and that we should re-think how we use the term edible.

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