Battle of the Bulge: The First 24 Hours

David Jordan

Battle of the Bulge: The First 24 Hours
Amber Books Ltd
United Kingdom
14 September 2019

Battle of the Bulge: The First 24 Hours

David Jordan

Although disappointed that they had not won the war by Christmas, the last thing the Allies expected in December 1944 was a full-blown German offensive through the Ardennes. With the aid of specially commissioned full-colour maps, Battle of the Bulge: The First 24 Hours tells the story of the first day of the Ardennes offensive, explaining how the Allies were taken by surprise and how the Germans attempted to break through the Allied lines.

The book begins with an overview of the situation in the west in late 1944, describing the German plans as well as their successful efforts to mask the build-up of their forces. The book relates in detail the start of the German offensive at 05:30 on December 16th with a heavy artillery bombardment, swiftly followed by the German armour and infantry advancing through the early morning mist. Unsurprisingly, the veteran German units ripped into the inexperienced US units. It seemed that the fate of the whole of the Western front lay in the balance, but, in fact, the Germans were already slipping behind in their schedule. With first-hand accounts from participants of both sides and dramatic action photographs, Battle of the Bulge: The First 24 Hours provides a comprehensive examination of the beginning of Hitler’s final offensive in the West.

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