The North Wind

Alexandria Warwick

The North Wind
Simon & Schuster Australia
1 May 2024

The North Wind

Alexandria Warwick

A lush and enchanting fantasy romance, inspired by Beauty and the Beast and the myth of Hades and Persephone. Beloved by readers on TikTok.

Wren of Edgewood is no stranger to suffering. With her parents gone, it is Wren’s responsibility to ensure she and her sister survive the harsh and endless winter, but if the legends are to be believed, their home may not be safe for much longer.

For three hundred years, the land surrounding Edgewood has been encased in ice as the Shade, a magical barrier that protects the townsfolk from the Deadlands beyond, weakens. Only one thing can stop the Shade’s fall: the blood of a mortal woman bound in wedlock to the North Wind, a dangerous immortal whose heart is said to be as frigid as the land he rules. And the time has come to choose his bride.

When the North Wind sets his eyes on Wren’s sister, Wren will do anything to save her – even if it means sacrificing herself in the process. But mortal or not, Wren won’t go down without a fight.


Wren of Edgewood lives in a world perpetually in winter. An orphan hardened by the inherent powerlessness of her situation and the struggles of being the sole provider for herself and her sister, she has always sought to protect her twin Elora above all else. However, as winter continues to tighten its icy grip on their small village, whispers reach them of the North Wind, the immortal frost king Boreas, coming to claim one of the women of their village as a sacrifice, or, as Wren soon learns, his wife.

When Elora is chosen, Wren makes the courageous choice to take her sister’s place, journeying far from all she knows and loves with this mysterious and terrifying deity into the Deadlands. This is where Boreas rules the dead in a frostbitten kingdom manipulated by unknown forces and overrun with restless, petrifying creatures.

Inspired by Greek mythological lore, Wren is our fearless Persephone; a bold, formidable and somewhat cantankerous heroine whose intelligence and ferocity make her a delight to read! We walk at her side, witnessing her self-discovery as she finds her own power in the depths of the underworld with the unlikely help of a surly God; Boreas, our awkward but ultimately charming Hades.

A truly slow-burning romantic fantasy set in a lush and engaging world, The North Wind is perfect for those who enjoy fantasy-based retellings of Greek mythology and for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Rebecca Yarros.

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