Saturday is Pancake Day

Bernadette Green, Daniel Gray-Barnett (illus.)

Saturday is Pancake Day
Scribe Publications
27 February 2024

Saturday is Pancake Day

Bernadette Green, Daniel Gray-Barnett (illus.)

One morning Milo tossed pancakes high in the air. Lily, Lena, and Gwendolyn jumped up and down trying to catch them.

'Breakfast is ready,' called Milo. But upstairs all was quiet.

Dada Henry doesn't feel like pancakes this morning, and Milo and the twins aren't sure why. They persist making more and more elaborate concoctions, Maple Come Back for More, Little Puddings Supreme, and Brussel Sprouts Forget Me Never, but nothing will lure Henry out of bed.

This funny and heartwarming story tells us that every now and then, everyone needs some 'me-time'.


When Dada Henry doesn’t get out of bed for Saturday morning pancakes with their family, Papa Milo is worried. Perhaps Henry doesn’t want pancakes today? Milo and the kids – Lily, Lena, and Gwendolyn – get creative in the kitchen and chaos ensues as they try to develop a dish that Dada Henry will love. They come up with all kinds of exciting flavour combinations and artistic plating designs. Recipes like ‘Good Morning Green Ice Cream’, which is made with pickles, spinach, and mayonnaise, sound like something that would feature on MasterChef, but perhaps the reason for Dada Henry’s absence at the breakfast table isn’t culinary at all.

This is a sweet and silly picture book about a creative and caring family. There’s lots of onomatopoeia and the kitchen drama makes it a fun read aloud for kids aged 2+. Parents who grew up reading Richard Scarry’s books will enjoy Daniel Gray-Barnett’s bold, colourful anthropomorphic illustrations too!

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