The Little Clothes

Deborah Callaghan

The Little Clothes
Penguin Random House Australia
11 June 2024

The Little Clothes

Deborah Callaghan

Audrey Mendes is a clever lawyer but has never made partner. Her weeks are filled with long hours in the office, visits to her ageing parents, trivia nights at the local and evenings at home with her pet rabbit, Joni.

When Audrey tries to buy wine at the pub she is ignored and walks out without paying. One thing leads to another, and soon she starts rebelling in small and creative ways against a world in which she is unseen - until a painful reminder from her childhood pushes her into a reckoning.

All the while there's a potential romance and an eccentric new neighbour to deal with. And why does Audrey buy extravagant baby clothes when she doesn't have a child?

Wry, humorous and provocative, this is an affectionate novel about sorting out the past, grabbing onto life and claiming your place in it.

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