This Kingdom of Dust

David Dyer

This Kingdom of Dust
Penguin Random House Australia
29 October 2024

This Kingdom of Dust

David Dyer

The whole world has just watched Neil and Buzz walk on the Moon. Now they are struck by terror- the lunar module's engine has failed. There is no back-up, no other way off the surface. If the astronauts can't fix the problem, they'll slowly run out of oxygen and die.

This Kingdom of Dust explores this harrowing scenario through the intertwined narratives of three distinct voices- Buzz on the Moon, his wife Joan back on Earth, and Aquarius, the journalist compelled to craft a story he doesn't want to write.

Marooned, Buzz confronts his fate with a mix of dread and awe. On Earth, Joan wrestles with grief and sacrifice against the backdrop of 1960s America - a nation riven by war and seismic social change.

Caught between professional duty and personal turmoil, Aquarius soon discovers that he will need all his skill to capture this unfolding drama, and all his courage to follow it through to its breathtaking conclusion.

With page-turning suspense and emotional heft, this reimagining of an epic moment in history combines public spectacle with private despair, reframing what the Moon landing has meant not only for the astronauts and those who loved them, but for all humankind.

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