Never Ever Forever

Karina May

Never Ever Forever
Pan Macmillan Australia
28 November 2023

Never Ever Forever

Karina May

Rosie Royce is trying to live her best life. Really, she is.

But it seems like life hasn't gotten the memo. It's been six years since childhood sweetheart Wes Preston jumped on a plane and never looked back, and Rosie spends most nights spooning her laptop. If she has to swipe on one more bloke posing with a sedated tiger, she'll scream.

An impulse move to the idyllic country town of Mudgee is the fresh start Rosie needs, as she trades in her high-pressure marketing career for a laidback gig in local radio. Hell, she may even meet one of those dreamy farmers she's seen on TV.

But the universe isn't done messing with Rosie just yet. Her new job comes with a handsome but infuriating co-host, Dr Markus Abrahams, while a school reunion brings Wes back into her orbit.

When Rosie's work whisks her to vibrant, chaotic India - well and truly out of her comfort zone - a world of possibility opens up.

Does 'never ever' really have to be forever? Or is Rosie finally ready to risk everything for a second shot at love?

Praise for Never Ever Forever

'Chatty, charming and totally unique ... Never Ever Forever will leave you hungry for travel, adventure and BIG romance.' Clare Fletcher

'Never Ever Forever is utterly delicious. It's the perfectly brewed blend of emotional reality and soap operatic coincidence ... Simply could not put it down!' Jodi McAlister

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