This Camp is Doomed: A Dennith Grange Misadventure

Anna Zobel

This Camp is Doomed: A Dennith Grange Misadventure
Penguin Random House Australia
29 August 2023

This Camp is Doomed: A Dennith Grange Misadventure

Anna Zobel

A run-down camp in the woods.

No phone reception.

Ten students with untested powers . . .

Celine is seeing conspiracies everywhere. Fionn has a bad premonition about the colour blue. Mr Berg is horrified at the camp's questionable safety standards. Something is definitely not right at Camp Buttress.

This hilarious and quirky new novel by Anna Zobel will keep you guessing as the students and their teachers try to solve the mystery - and survive.


The reaction of the Dennith Grange kids when they realise their school camp destination is basically a dump is one of extreme disappointment. After all, most of their other classmates are enjoying ski resorts or poolside locations, and, you know, fun stuff. I’d hate a camp in a dump too. But they soon realise there is much more to this camp, and each other, than meets the eye. A ghost appears, and then a strange series of happenings spark a mystery for the students and their teachers to solve, before it’s too late! But as each day progresses, the special abilities of this group become harder and harder to control. A fun, spooky story for middle grade readers aged 9+.

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